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  • DisplayID, a new DDI, designed to allow the VESA’s DisplayID descriptor to be queried from a display controlled by a graphics adapter.
  • You will need to update your hardware drivers on Windows if the new hardware you installed doesn’t work automatically or after you updating to a new version of Windows.
  • The „ain’t broke dont fix it” mentality isnt wrong but sometimes updated drivers are a good thing.

By simply looking at the names of your devices you can easily find new drivers on the web and download them. Microsoft uses the Windows Update mechanism to deliver drivers for many devices. This feature allows you to plug in a new device with relative confidence that it will work without extra effort on your part. It also allows you to automatically receive updated drivers, which typically fix reliability, stability, and compatibility problems.

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AnyDesk now allows to pring local files on the remote computer. Immediately installing AnyDesk now allows to connect to that Desk directly from the beginning. Session Recordings can now be started and stopped at any time. When enabled, devices running AnyDesk that are currently in sleep mode can be woken up by other AnyDesk devices in the same local network. Fixed bug that could cause AnyDesk to close immediately after starting.

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We abide by the security standards to provide privacy assurance and data integrity. Users can safely carry out online transactions using the official website. We have minimized your driver updating process by a significant margin and limited it to a 2-step process. Get up-to-date drivers for your PC in fast & simple steps. Driver Restore comes with a built in driver backup wizard so you never have to backup your drivers manually ever again. The Backup Wizard allows you to backup your drivers to a CD, networked drive, or flash drive. If Windows determines that the current driver is the most up to date or best driver available, you can confirm the version number of the driver by viewing the properties of the driver in Device Manager.

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